My yoga buddy

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I searched and researched ways to reduce pre-eclampsia. Research shows that as someone who has has pre-e I’m at greater risk to get it again then someone who’s never had it. It’s still a low chance but still…Gulp! Not comforting! I did find (and my OB told us too) that by having the same father to my baby, I’ve reduced my chances already. There’s also research to suggest a daily baby aspirin, extra calcium all help reduced pre-e but really the research is inconclusive! And of course diet, like the Brewers diet, and exercise. Interestingly, some research has noted that stretching has had stronger effect in reducing chances of pre-e over and above exercise. That is what prompted me to practice prenatal yoga! It’s not always easy to focus on my breathing when I have a very curious and helpful toddler but I’m glad I can incorporate both my babies.


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