The Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party Theme

Zakiyy’s first birthday party theme was from one of his favorite books – The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For the record, I had the idea before discovering it’s probably one of the most common first birthday party themes! I found it really helpful to see what others did so I thought I would share the decorations from the party.

The invitation was all thanks to Qa’ed. We set up a photoshoot and had a ton of fun preparing for the invitation – although Zakiyy loved getting to bite into so many fruits, I don’t think he enjoyed having to change oufits!

InvitationWe had our caterpillar balloon welcome guests. I cut out legs and antennas from black construction paper and taped it to the balloons. Then drew a face on. It doesn’t look like a very happy caterpillar but probably because it was over 100 degrees out.

Caterpillar greeting our guests

Caterpillar greeting our guests

Caterpillar was doing the moon walk

Caterpillar doing the moon walk

The food labels were fun but it took a few crafting sessions while running after my then-almost 1 year old but thankfully I had amazing friends that helped me out. Qa’ed designed the food labels and we printed them on the card stock. We glued a popsicle stick between the label.  The contraption that the label was stuck into consisted of two dixie cups glued together and then wrapped with some clearance gift wrapping paper I found at Target. We poked a small hole to stick the popsicles into. Our menu consisted of everything in the book so there were a lot of food labels!

Themed-food labels

Caterpillar themed-food labels

I saw some first birthday parties decorated the high chair including a caterpillar with the birthday baby’s name. But with our messy dude, I figured there was better placement above the drinks station. I don’t know how my friend managed to cut such perfect circles but I used a stencil to cut out Zakiyy’s name ;) Once again the legs and antennas were cut out of black construction paper. The eyes and mouth was also cut from construction paper.

IMG_7663_croppedI had this vision of using balloons to hold up a piece of string over the buffet tables. And I would attach one picture from every month of Zakiyy’s life to the string. Well…I didn’t have enough balloons to hold up the weight of the pictures so I had to let go of that plan minutes before our guests were due to arrive. Instead we hang it along the staircase. I was ready to give up so I’m so glad my mom stepped in and hung it up. A note about the pictures: Qa’ed edited the pictures to include the month

I cried when I passed by the photos. Can't believe how quickly this past year went.

I cried when I passed by the photos. Can’t believe how quickly this past year went.

I thought a lot about the party favors and saw some pretty amazing ones online. In the end I bought white gift boxes from the dollar store, used dot paint to decorate the box on 3 of the 4 sides. On one side I used the green and red dots to make a caterpillar and drew the face with a black marker. On the 4th side, Qa’ed took a picture of Zakiyy and designed a “thank you” label. We stuffed the gift boxes with some inexpensive but delicious candies from Costco and that’s how we got our party favors.

"Thanks for making my 1st birthday special - Zakiyy"

Thanks for making my 1st birthday special     – Zakiyy

We ordered a cake from Feny’s Creations it turned out beautiful.

Cake baked by Feny's Creations

Cake baked by Feny’s Creations

Zakiyy’s Auntie Fitri made him a smash cake, cupcakes, a gluten-free cake and cake pops too. Everything was green and red to go with the caterpillar theme.

Zakiyy and his smash cake

Zakiyy and his home-made strawberry smash cake

The party was a lot of fun but insane! Zakiyy slept almost 2 hours into his party. Food took longer to cook than we thought. My parent’s huge house suddenly felt really small. But at the end of the day…none of it mattered. It was truly touching to see our family and friends get together and celebrate our little man’s first birthday.


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