Little Feet

Zakiyy and I went to the TOMS warehouse sale. It was insane! There was no air conditioning in the warehouse and the line to pay took forever to get through. But the prices for the TOMS were unbeatable so we had to go of course! In case you’re not familiar with TOMS – their motto is one for one. For every shoe they sell, they help someone in needs.

Anyways as I’m digging through the boxes of shoes I almost start breaking down in tears because my baby’s little feet aren’t so little anymore! It’s so silly but I love how little his feet is. It’s my personal reminder that he still has a lot of growing to do but as I passed by two sizes (there were boxes for tiny 4 and tiny 5) to get to Z’s size (i.e., tiny 6) I felt emotional. I’ll save the corny woos for myself. Check out Zakiyy loving his new TOMS.

Classic Blue TOMS

Classic Blue TOMS

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