It’s August 1st. Boo.

It is the first day of August and it just hit me that school starts soon and how quickly this summer has gone by. I took time off since the end of June and got a slight taste of being a stay-at-home mom. I say slight because as a grad student I still found myself having late nights working on conference proposals and various manuscripts. This time off has been amazing instead of Zakiyy tagging along with me to meetings and spending his days on a university campus, we did activities focused on him…like the splash pad, story time, library, swimming, children’s museum and play dates. He’s been so happy and the happiness is contagious. Nothing makes me smile the way his laugh does. As excited as I am to dive back into the craziness, I’m definitely sad that summer is ending. It’s gonna be quite the adjustment but with a sweetheart our baby Z, I know everything will be okay!


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